miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

English blog (final work)

This it not complete but i guess that is a good work. I just work with sentences about the class but don´t have any Continuity. Enjoy it.

I need to say that i don´t believe that was easi to work with Blogspot but its a good tool if you want learn and practice you english.

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I hope that my work you can see more clearly if you don´t inderstad however in the classroom. Give me your opinion, it´s really importand. See ya

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

My house and My dream house

My house is little. Has four rooms, a cramped kitchen, has three bathrooms but is not big enough. It was built in a safe neighborhood and the security guards are so rigorous.
In general my house here is pretty and comfortable.

I "have" or better: I live in two houses but the Trujillo’s houses is the bigger of the two.

My room here is smaller than my room in Trujillo.

I think that the house in Trujillo is the most fresh between Maracaibo and Trujillo houses.

My dreams house could be with a plot of ground and a big garner, many rooms with his private bathrooms. I want a big pool for my family and certainly a big living room with the bigger plasma television on the world and beautiful pieces of furniture. But however my dreams house is not complete Si ma mère, mon frère et ma petite soeur ne sont pas. Cest mes rêves.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Pieces fo me

hello dear,
My name is Andrea Carolina Mendoza Escalante, i was bourn in Trujillo but i have two years living here, in Maracaibo.
I am 18th year old. And i was bourn in January, 26th,1990.

Estoy haciendo the SEXTO trimestre en Urbe, aunque esta materia es del quinto período.

Je parle Francais, un peu. je suis trés egrable et je ai beaucoup d´ amis

I supost that this blog is for send my homework to the inglish´s teacher but don´t write me here please.